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Zhejiang Zhongda Special Steel Co., Ltd, one branch company of Zhongda United Holding Group Corp., has been established since 1992. After twenty years’ operation, Zhongda Special Steel has evolved into a comprehensive enterprise, extending its product range from Tube & Pipe to Welding Consumables, Tower Internals & Packing, Electronic Material & Element and Piping Spools.

Tube & Pipe is a core business product of Zhongda Special Steel. Zhongda Special Steel has successfully supplied seamless stainless steel tube & pipe for a variety of international projects.

As the leading supplier of strip cladding in China, Zhongda Special Steel has sound market reputation and strong market competitiveness. Through continuous optimization and innovation, Zhongda Special Steel is now engaging in Nuclear Power Industry and Military Industry. Together with our partner HWI and Harbin Well Welding, we are supplying welding consumables to our clients, including welding rod, welding wire, strip cladding, application flux and technical service.

The product line of Tower Internals & Packing was established in 1996, under the technical support of Tsinghua University (Beijing Zehua Chemical Engineering). In 2007, Zhongda Special Steel became the supplier of Sulzer mainly for Tower Tray. In 2012, Zhongda Special Steel became the main supplier of Praxair for Tower Internals.

Zhongda Specail Steel can provide the technical design and fabrication of variety kinds of pipe spools , including High Pressure Pipeline 4130 for offshore use, Hydraulic Pipeline, Pipeline for Power Station (Thermal & Nuclear) and Pipeline for Chemical & Petrochemical Industry.

Besides conventional field, Zhongda Special Steel is supplying Electronic Material & Element for Electronic Industry and Semi-conductor Industry. The product range includes Bimetal Strips Laterally Welded (Stainless Material and Mn-Cu Material), Ni36 Strip, Ni42 Strip, Ni99.9 Strip, BA Tubing and other relevant elements.

As a subsidiary company of Zhongda Special Steel, Jiaxing Zhongda Import & Export Co., Ltd is looking forward to forming successful business relationships with new clients around the world in the future.

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